Monday 17 May 2010

Blog Rocking Beats

We have finally decided upon a name for our foray into the realms of djing in a proper venue in front of the general public.

What, I hear you ask have you come up with?

Well with extensive brainstorming, ie using the comments section of this blog on Friday night, a couple of emails back and forth from Aruba and the aid of some Tanquery, the consensus was that Blog Rocking Beats was the best that we could come up with and as a logo I've decided to use the image of the universal 45 record adapter as pictured above.

I was going to post the Chemical Brothers but that would be a little too obvious, so instead here is a record which in order to play I have to use one of said adapters, however the one which comes with an SL1200 is a solid metal one.

Dr Rubberfunk - Dr Rubberfunk's Fantasy Funk Band


ANCB said...

Have you got the other 7" that was released through the Funk & Soul Show comp?
Diesler's mix was on one side, think Smoove's on other side.

ANCB said...

Nah, Smoove's is the other side to the one you've posted, who was the 4th mix by - fuck I'm racking my brains and cannae think....

Swiss Adam said...

I love the 45rpm universal adaptor. I know it's too late but can I make a shout for Skank Blog Bologna?

drew said...

I've only got the first single ANCB and to be honest with you it's not very good quality vinyl.

SA - too late