Monday 31 May 2010

The Come Ons

Here's a little bit of 60's Motown and Hammond organ inspired indie from Detroit.

Although grouped in with the likes of the White Stripes and the Von Bondies, I suspect due to the the fact that they were from the Motor City and their early releases were on the very hip Sympathy For The Record Industry label, I think what differentiates them from their label mates and fellow residents of Detroit is the timeless feel of their music without being out and out retro.

Here is the opening track from their second album, Hip Check! released on the a fore mentioned label in 2001.

The Come Ons - It's Alright


Mondo said...

Blimey - there's no slack with that is there. Walloping from the off - is rest of the album as good as this?

drew said...

In a word Mondo, yes. The album is a gem and so is the previous one.