Saturday 20 March 2010

Saturday Night And The Telly's Shite Again

It's one of the many pleasures of parenthood, (are you taking note C&K and congratulations) Saturday night telly. M likes Harry Hill, so we have to watch that. Tonight, Casino Royale is on for the umpteenth time and as L is a fan of Daniel Craig, we will be watching that. It's not that we don't have another telly in the house, it's just, well,  a good excuse for me either to get the old vinyl out and have a nostalgia fest, or be sat here in the cupboard I amusingly call an office and inflict upon anybody who's interested this guff.

Still, it isn't all bad,  Airdrie won today, an all too infrequent event this season.  Doesn't mean we won't get relegated but it will mean that half of Dundee won't be happy tonight, which is par for the course really,  but it's nice to know that the Diamonds will be responsible for their puses tripping them.

Here is a very housey remix of Green Velvet for your delectation. This remix by Studio 54 is built round a sample of Lou Rawls "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" which is kinda in keeping with the soulful vibe that seems to be about the blogosphere this weekend, what with Davy at The Ghost Of Electricity posting the 4 Tops yesterday and Swiss Adam and North Country Boy both posting Motown remixes today.


Green Velvet - Never Satisfied ( studio 54 re-re mix)

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