Monday, 29 March 2010

I Can't Multi Task!

Not a lot of time for posting this week as L has decided to leave me and the boys for 4 days while she swans of to Dublin with work.

I've said it before but I will repeat myself, I have the greatest admiration for single parent households, how does anything ever get done? L's only been away little more than a day and the house resembles a squat which has seen a mini tornado in it's midst.

It is so much easier when there are 2 of you, you at least get a breather now and then. I'm only able to type this post because M is in the bath and L(2) is down (result!). I know that I should be doing something more productive at the moment but thought that I should do the post just now as by the time I get the stuff ready for the morning, M into bed and the kitchen tidied up it will most likely be midnight and I won't have the energy for a post.

This is not a feel sorry for Drew post,  it's just I sometimes don't really appreciate what L has to put up with when i'm away every few weeks, granted it's usually only 1 or 2 nights but still

Anyway, here's something I haven't heard in ages and everybody probably already has but it's good to hear it again and it is the most effective use of a Clash sample I've ever heard

M.I.A - Paper Planes

It seems as though the picture facility isn't working on blogger, which is a pity because I found quite an amusing one.


Simon said...

lol, I had the little one to myself yesterday for the afternoon while the other half went shopping. I managed to distract him with Star Wars at high volume (he's just starting to register the TV screen and it's pictures) then fed him with a hot meal.

I also managed to clean the kitchen
and hoover the front room. But I was knackered by the end of it!!!

The wife does a wonderful job that I wouldn't have a hope in hell of doing!

dickvandyke said...

The picture is up - just like you will be at 05.30. At which point, Mrs Drew will just be going to bed at the O'Connell Street Travel Tavern

Oh, and dads, is Barney The Dinosaur extinct yet? I hated that purple fucker 10 years ago.

swiss adam said...

Hang in there Drew, it's hard work, no doubt about it. The picture thing was driving me nuts earlier- thought it was just me. Top track.

drew said...

Simon - not Star Wars! That's what I did with M and look what's happened to me, more figures lying around the house than ToysRUs have and me getting really annoyed as he disassembles the lego endor base in 5 mins which took me a whole afternoon to build!

Never seen Barney the Dinosaur DVD, but in our house it's all Spongebob which I must admit I like, especially the episode with Lux Interior as the lead singer in the band Bird Brains.

and 05:30 is about right!

davy h said...

Have a drink dear boy, do.

swiss adam said...

Barney the dinosaur is a twat. I speak from experience.

Simon said...

My nieces have gone mad for Star Wars. I didn't realise how pricey the figures were these days...

chocolategirl64 said...

yAy for Spongebob:
and for womanswork recognition:
I like the way men do things differently:
kids know it too: it adds balance:

ps. much as I love some of your tracks Drew, can't you post them so I can purely listen?

*verification 'snesnemo' ~ the babysitters of the 90's

drew said...

Choco, that will cause me some work, I will have to re format the tracks into mp3 files before posting. Will give it ago but when it starts to get annoying, that's your lot.

drew said...

and what do you mean some of my tracks? They are all exceptionally good!

chocolategirl64 said...

bcoz I only listen to a few bcoz they download becoz I have to open them in iTunes bcoz I have to find them in iTunes and bcoz sometimes I can't be arsed: ^_*

drew said...

Please spell because properly in future. As for not being arsed, I can assure you they are all worth the effort!

chocolategirl64 said...