Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Not The Subtlest Lyric In The World, You Say

I've not been in the best of moods over recent days and was rooting around for something to cheer me up and played today's track. It is something that I have thought about posting now and then but  decided to keep in reserve for that special day.

Today I decided that it should be heard more often as it is such a joyous track and has perked me up measurably this afternoon.

As a result of hearing this tune in the past,  M had a picture in his mind that Fatcher, as he is want to call it had a pointy hat and a broomstick. When he was in the position to put a picture to his imaginings, it didn't really change his original picture. When I pointed it out to him, when an image of the beast came on the telly, I think it may have been on the news a couple of years ago he said that she looked more like a ghost than a witch, to which I could not disagree. Unfortunately, I can't seem to dispel the idea that he has that she has super human powers.

Last summer we had quite a thunderstorm here. I was in the dinning room/record room when the first crack of thunder happened. It was extremely loud and the house shook, about 3 seconds later M ran down the stairs,  burst through the door and shouted one word "Fatcher". I reasoned with him and told him that she had nothing to do with the weather and it was all to do with atmospherics (I'm no weatherman) and that she was no longer in a position to harm anyone which sort of calmed him down, although i think he remained wholly unconvinced.

Sadly I'm increasingly beginning to think that that statement is no longer the case. I fear that very soon her ideas will be hurting an awful lot of people, through her bastard spawn and his Bullingdon Club cronies.

Hefner - The Day That Thatcher Dies


davy h said...

You're visiting lasting trauma on that boy.

drew said...

He did have to ask who she was.

Anyway, I only told him the facts, untainted by emotion or sentiment.

I've just realised, instead of this I should have posted something about Michael Foot, however writing about somebody who was as intelligent and witty as he was is far more difficult than a bit of vitriol about the witch, which slightly bothers me.

Simon said...

I think Michael Foot would have liked your story and agreed with the sentiment.

swiss adam said...

She can't stagger on much longer surely. I'm not sure the current bunch of her disciples are actually bright enough to get themselves elected.

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Ctelblog said...

or the otherwise useless S*M*A*S*H with "I Want To Kill Somebody"

Simon said...

I loved S*M*A*S*H.

They're my secret favourite band ever.

Well, not entirely, but I love their album and they were a pretty damn good live band.