Friday, 26 March 2010

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Back again to 1988, there really were quite a number of very good house records produced in the early days, I still have quite a few that I want to post. So if you are beginning to get bored with this series the bad news is, it may last for a few more weeks yet.

After last weeks dip into the world of acid house today's track takes us right back to more conventional House sounds with a track that was produced by Clivilles and Cole and released on Fever Records.

Notice Me was the third solo single by Sandee (Sandra Casanas). She was one of the three original members of the girl group Expose, who would become hugely successful in the States in the 90s, after she had left the group. She pursued a solo career and had a hit with the track Love Desire. Sadly, Sandee died of a seizure on 15th December 2008.

Here is her finest moment.

Sandee - Notice Me


davy h said...

No kickin' round airport lounges this time I take it? Groovy. Bon weekend mon brave.

dickvandyke said...

Bonny boy. That photo reminds me of why I no longer frequent thes 'discoteque' places.

swiss adam said...

Very good stuff.

drew said...

SA = where's the rockabilly?

DVD - I know the feeling

swiss adam said...

A little late tonight with one thing and another, but ended up with 3 posts so made up for it