Monday 13 April 2020

Monday's Long Song

I know that my posts were pretty infrequent prior to this shitshow starting but like most people I know I am finding it difficult to focus on anything and the blog is not a prioruty at the moment. However saying that |quite often I find myself thinking that's a really good tune I must post that but then the notion disappears and I go back to worrying about,  well everything really . I do find myself listing to lots of longer, mainly instrumental tracks, things that I can get lost in but I have also found myself reaching for some things that in normal times would be inexplicable, last Thursday I found myself playing Grendel by Marillion and last night I managed to last all the way through Supper's Ready and not a Gabriel fronted version but the one from Second's Out and you know what I found neither of these tracks truly awful but do find myself looking for a "cleanser" almost immediately usually something which restores the pure music snob in me, the more obscure the record the better.

I have rediscovered the ambient delights of Pete Namlock whose music back in the mid 90s was pretty hard to come by, I picked up Air and Air II in Fopp in Byres Road and then there seemed to be a release every other week and it was not possible to keep up. A few years back when perusing the CD racks in Monorail, I came across a very reasonably priced boxset of volumes 9 - 11 of Namlook's collaboration with Klaus Schulze, Dark Side of The Moog and very good it is too, however I'm not sure that I will be purchasing Vol 1-4 any time soon as the cheapest copy is tad expensive Vol 5 -8 are available at a much more reasonable price and are on the list but way way down. Posted is the first track from Vol 11, The Heart of Our Nearest Star, Part 1.

Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook - The Heart of Our Nearest Star (Part 1)


Walter said...

I do it in a similar way too Drew. I found the time for longer excursions at these times.It is a fantastic song but if I play it there is only disturbing noise.

drew said...

Hmm, I will look into that Walter. I think I may have uploaded the DTS, digital surround version, sorry. Now sorted

sink dish washing said...
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