Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Bob Seger? You're Kidding Right?

I most certainly am not but I think that the chances of the name being typed on this blog again are very slim. This is the man who was responsible for one of the smoochin songs at the YMCA discos in the early 80s in Lanark when you would take to the floor if you were lucky enough to have a winch for the night and shuffle totally out of time to the music while Bob would sing " we got tonight, who needs tomorrow", your faces locked together swapping spit. 2 +2 = ? is a totally different beast,  a screaming anti Vietnam protest song from 1968 that up until recently was very rare indeed.

Earlier this year Jack White managed to secure the rights to the track and re-released it on Third Man Records for RSD and I failed miserably to get a copy, So when I saw a tweet from Monorail on Thursday stating that they had copies of the limited black re-press in stock. I knew where my first port of call was going to be on Friday afternoon when I was in the town getting something for L's birthday from the boys.  I took the scooter into the town and straight to Kings Street and checked through the racks, no single. I checked through all the sections just to be sure. Nothing and so I asked one of the staff, I think they're all sold out but I'll check. . . No sorry" And so I went to leave when one of the other staff said "we have a copy kept back for such and such but I know that he is on holiday and we have ordered another two copies so he could get one of those when he gets back, so here you go". Now that is what I call customer service and one of the reasons why I love the place.

I think that Jack White might have been listening to this when he came up with the riff for Seven Nation Army. What do you reckon?

My luck wasn't all good on Friday as when I  left Monorail I snapped my scooter key in the glove box lock and half an hour was spent trying to retrieve half of the key from the lock and a further hour or so wandering round Glasgow to find a Timpsons with a key close enough to it to cut to fit. It all ended fine as I got to Nancy Smillie's in the West End and got L's present.

I'm not going to post the single as I believe that there are still copies out there.


The Swede said...

Blimey, this is great. Who knew Bob had it in him?

charity chic said...

Never heard that before - excellent stuff

Rol said...

More Bob Seger!

I do have this one in my collection, and I love it. It reminds me of how Kenny Rogers started out doing trippy stuff like Just Dropped In, before settling into the mainstream.

Of course, I love the spit-swapping Seger stuff too. No hope for me.

Dirk said...

Ah, you just should have told Pastel that you're a friend of Brian, he'd had given you the first copy immediately!