Saturday, 15 July 2017

Happy Birthday

I saw this on Twitter and thought that it should be marked, Harry Dean Stanton, one of my favourite actors is 91 today. I loved him in, Pretty in Pink, Repo Man and especially his heart bursting performance in Paris Texas. Below is a post from the very early days of this blog,

All the best Harry and here's to many more!

Today's track is a bit of a curiosity. I say track but it is really a scene from one of my favorite films which was included in it's entirety on the soundtrack album.

Paris Texas was a film directed by Wim Wenders from a story written by Sam Shepherd and starring Harry Dean Stanton. At it's basics it is the story of an amnesiac who has reappeared after 4 years and of his attempt to make sense of what happened and try to reconcile his family on his return. The film is beautifully shot and has some wonderful performances notably Harry Dean Stanton and Dean Stockwell. Or as one of my less discerning friends once said, "self indulgent, chin stroking pish".

I've never been a great fan of Ry Cooder's music but I don't think that this film would have half the impact without the harsh, jarring sound of his steel guitar and especially the acoustic Spanish guitar which breaks in half way through the track posted and which turns an already emotional scene into a heartbreaking one.


Ry Cooder - I Knew These People


charity chic said...

Cl;aim to fame - I've been to Paris , Texas and went to a rodeo there

The Swede said...

I loved this film, but haven't seen it in years. A great soundtrack too. Happy birthday Harry!

JTFL said...

The life of a repo man is always intense.

Swiss Adam said...

Paris Texas is in need of a repeat viewing. Haven't seen it for years.

Brian said...

I'm with you on Harry and every movie you mentioned. I'm not following the reboot of Twin Peaks, but I know he is in the cast because I have seen him in the commercials. He looks every bit the 91 years he is, but he always looked his age. Go Harry!