Friday 14 July 2017

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I bet that you have missed your weekly dose of less than "upfront" dance tunes on a Friday for the past few weeks, eh? Well today's almost fresh sound from only twenty four years ago should maybe fill that void. Smells Like Heaven was one of the many aliases of Fabio Paras, or Fabio Borzacco as he is known to his mother. This is the man who was responsible for That Piano track by Outrage which featured on The Junior Boy's Own Collection and some cracking remixes for the likes of The Aloof and De Ja Vu. Londres Strutt like most of the producer's output is heavily percussion driven and in the Rhythm De Londres mix throbs along with the best progressive house monsters of 1993. It was originally released on Dean Thatcher and Charlie Chester's Cowboy records and then later the same year picked up by DeConstruction and given a couple of remixes by Gypsy and Boomshanka, however the version posted is the one, the original mix annoys me with the repeated use of the "baseline, baseline, baseline kicking, I'm grooving" sample. Wellin my opinion anyway.

Have a good weekend people.

Smells Like Heaven - Londres Strutt (Rhythm De Londres mix)


Swiss Adam said...

I've missed IFLD Drew.

Echorich said...

Great way to get us back in the mood to dance Drew! My fave Fabio Paras tracks are under his Outrage/Babypop guise - Tall N Handsome and Mmm Drop and of course That Piano Track/Drives Me Crazy - I've heard Frankie Knuckles drop in Tall N Handsome and Erick Morillo mix in Mmm Drop back in the day... They will both get an airing tonight on the dansette...