Monday, 20 March 2017

I Really Love You

I Really Love You by Jimmy Burns is a pretty rare piece of Chi town soul, released on the Erica label in 1965. It was released on Grapevine in 1979 and then again on Inferno last year when I eventually got a copy on vinyl as I didn't have the necessary six grand for an original on Erica and it was a bit far down my wants list to pay £40 + for the 1979 release. That's not to say it's not a very good record, it is and one which is guaranteed to get you grooving.

On the flip side of the Inferno release is a girl group track utalising the backing track from I really Love You more which I really can't listen to as I keep expecting the backing vocals from the Jimmy Burns track come in and it really infuriates me when they don't.

Jimmy Burns - I Really Love You 

The Brand New Faces - Brand New Faces


Vintage Spins said...

I'm really diggin' the Jimmy Burns side, Drew! Thanks for posting it.

JTFL said...

DAMN, what a great track!