Monday 8 August 2016

She'll Come Running Back

Machrihanish was good, we had four out of six days dry but when it rained, christ did it rain! I got the kite out and flying. I wish I had found kites a lot earlier in life, they are great things for  getting rid of stress, I think that if I had had one when I tried to stop smoking the whole experience would have been easier but maybe not as I stopped smoking in January 2004 and the weather in Scotland at that time of the year isn't very conducive with kite flying. We also witnessed a pod of dolphins doing their thing for what seemed like ages off of Westport beach which was really cool. We did a bit of plane spotting too when we  spottted an A400m Atlas,  replacement for the Hercules approach Machrihanish airfield coming in to land, or so we thought as just as it was about to hit the runway it pulled up and headed west never to be seen again. My brother who knows about these things from spending twenty odd years throwing himself out of Hercules' (and was with us in his absolutely pristine caravan ) informed me that they were doing test flights and that the plane would spend that day doing similar manoeuvres at airfields up and down the country.

I would like to recommend Alan McGee's Creation Stories, however all the way through it I found myself thinking, "did ye aye?" (copyright Kevin Bridges) it was all just a bit of a yawn, On the front cover  Bobby Gillispie compares McGee to Malcolm McLaren and Anthony H Wilson,  not sure what Mr G was on when he uttered that statement but for me the arrogance is there but the wit and intelligence of either man is severely lacking. Don't get me wrong, I believe that without McGee we would never have had the Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream or the Jasmine Minks and for those three I will be forever grateful but I just don't believe at least half of what's in the book.  That's maybe to do with having read David Cavanagh's excellent book previously and also due to some of McGee's statements in the press like "My Bloody Valentine were my joke band". In the end it just wasn't much of a read, probably why it's in the two for a fiver pile in Fopp.

Enough of this, it's the music your here for and as it's a Monday some soul of the northern variety is the order of the day. This is a classy "shuffler" of a track which was unearthed by Ian Levine and instantly became a classic. It came out of Chicago in 1969 on the Fip label. Sadly Mel Britt is another soul singer who is no longer with us as he died in 2013. He had a varied career, served with the army in Vietnam after which he worked in the steel industry in Gary, Indiana before moving to California to pursue a career in the music business touring with the likes of Junior Walker and appearing on the soundtrack to Animal House. As far as I know he only produced the one single but what a single it is.

Mel Britt - She'll Come Running Back


Anonymous said...

The only thing interesting about Alan McGee is that he is or was married to Sarah Blackwood from Dubstar. He is no Tony Wilson. Swc.

Swiss Adam said...

I read Lindsay Reade's book about her marriage to Tony Wilson while in France. Worth picking up for anyone interested in Factory, TW etc.

Brian said...

Love the shout out for Jasmine Minks, Drew. Often get lost in the shuffle. I have the book as well, but I haven't read it yet. Yours and other comments keep me pushing that one back.

JC said...

Brian.....I'm sorry to say but Drew is spot on with his comments re this book.

And Drew must be just about the only person who goes to Machrahanish and doesnt mention its wonderfully quirky old golf course.