Friday 19 August 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Back to 1994 for today's slice of dance music, although I could have sworn that the record this is from was released a couple of years earlier but my mind isn't what it once was. I never got into the Stereo MC's enough to buy an album and only really bought the singles for the remixes by the likes of Slam, Leftfield, FSOL and of course Mr Weatherall, so don't really know if they could sustain interest for 40 odd minutes but I suspect not. I have already posted the two epic Weatherall dubs, Everything Grooves pts 1 & 2 from this 12" double pack but not his Sabres on Main Street mix where as you would suspect from the name he is ably assisted by Jagz Kooner and Gary. On this, I think that the whole vocal from the original has been left in but don't quote me on that as the only other version on this 12" is the instrumental original. The vocal is alright but I think that that would be the reason that I would lose interest over a  a whole album as for me it is far too similar to Step It Up and Connected but as I hadn't heard either of those for years, Everything sounded pretty good to me last night.

Tomorrow will be my first home game of the season, when Airdrie take on Stranraer and I am looking forward to it despite the 4-2 defeat last week.

Have a good weekend people.

Stereo Mcs - Everything (Sabres On Main Street mix)


Anonymous said...

Stereo MCs were great live. But the albums didn't quite sustain over the whole length. More a singles band

Simon said...

Yeah, the albums are ok, they get a bit samey. In my head at least, they land in a strange place, somewhere between The Mondays/Black Grape, Jamiroquai and Galliano but without the character or feel of most of that. Except for Connected, which is a great great single.

But imagine that - I think their albums aren't as good as Jamiroquai. I'm going for a lie down.

Swiss Adam said...

I've got Supernatural from 1990 which manages to last over two sides of vinyl pretty well. Connected feels like an album made up of a lot of singles but I haven't listened to it for years/decades.