Tuesday 15 December 2015

Trouble - Not You Are The Best Thing

Trouble by Ray Lamontagne was the first track that I had heard from the ex shoe factory worker from New Hampshire. I think that it was probably on KEXP Seattle around the tail end of 2004. Since then I have bought the first three albums that he has recorded but strangely not the last one released in 2014 which I will have to investigate as I don't think that I have even heard anything off of it. I remember reading somewhere that Lamontagne went mental at a couple who were talking all the way through a live performance and left the stage and would not return until the two people responsible left the hall. Good on him, however I fear if more bands and artists did this they would be playing to half full venues, if my recent experiences are anything to go by.

Ray Lamontagne - Trouble


George said...

I almost bought the God Wiling and the sun don't rise album on the strength of the Beg, Steal or borrow track, which is fantasticm, but the rest of the album just didn't do it for me. And NO it's not a cover of The New Seekers song

drew said...

That was the album with the Pariah Dogs, haven't heard that one either.