Sunday 27 December 2015

It's Snowing In Lake Wobegon

I hope you all had a great Christmas.

If you have a spare 13 minutes from all the tidying up, hunting for that lost envelope with the money in it or taking a break from building the lego. I warn you now you may need a handkerchief.

This was first posted by Mr H over at the much missed Ghost of Electricity four or five years ago and I have listened to the story quite a few times since then and it never fails to move me.

Garrison Keillor - Hansel


anto said...

wow. i'd never heard that before. very good. seriously seasonal. nice one

drew said...

Did you find that you had something in your eye Anto?

Anto said...

i did drew. very ethereal. the way he interwove the generations and then brought in the role of the storyteller to give the guy a break was so heartwarming....jaysus i was very moved. this is what this time of year is all about. i work with a lot of rancid yanks who yak on about xmas being corrupted by PC values with all the 'happy holidays' talk. they should pay some attention to something like this and realise whats going down. reminded me of Alice Munro without the pessimism. The guy rolling around with his kids making a mess was such an apt simile...oh! what a great story