Monday 24 August 2015

Wait Until It Happens To You

Here is a belter of a piece of soul from the ever dependable Jewel Records out of Shreveport, Louisiana. Harrison D Nelson, otherwise known as "Peppermint Harris" was originally from Texas but cut four singles for Jewel in 1965 from what I can find out, Wait Until It Happens To You from the catalogue numbers appears to be the third single and for my money is also the best. I have never seen a copy of this single unfortunately and this recording comes from the excellent "Northern Soul of Jewel-Paula-Ronn " compilation.

Peppermint Harris - Wait Until It Happens To You 


George said...

Will I be alone in thinking that this track sounds a bit like Al Wilson's The Snake (or that could be the other way round, not sure which one came first).

drew said...

Never noticed that before but now you come to mention it there are similarities. The Snake was written a couple of years prior to this.

The Swede said...

Terrific tune and I can see what George is getting at.