Wednesday 27 August 2014


I took the scooter into Glasgow the other day and during the ride in I started to reminisce about similar journeys into the town from early 1986 until about 1991 when I would invariably stop first at the Barras, then onto Mickey Oats, the Dick Turpin of the scooter sales and parts world and then onto "Flip Of Hollywood, to find a beat up pair of 501s, a "Bundeswehr" top of some description or another bowling shirt. Flip was my favourite shop in the whole world,  packed full of 50s Americana, Zippo lighters, Ray Bans and other essential accessories for anybody trying for that James Dean, rebel without a clue look.

For about 5 years most of my wardrobe was bought out of this emporium,  from my first pair of black Chuck Taylor Allstars to my last original Alpha Industries MA-1. But there was one item of clothing that I always coveted and that was the vintage Schott leather American Police Jacket. Alas,  I never ever got my hands on one of these as on both occasions that I had the required folding money, they were about 175 quid then,  they didn't have a jacket small enough for me. I wasn't always the size I am now, back then I was quite a skinny guy who had no chance of joining the polis in the States if the size of their cast off jackets was anything to go by. Instead of saving the money and waiting until the shop received another batch,  both times I blew the cash on something else. One time on a  black NYC Fire Dept jacket which I thought was as cool as fuck. The other on a reversible red and black anorak, must have been 1986/87, obviously, other gear and probably a few records.

Anyway as I was scooting along the Broomielaw on Monday I had a sudden crushing feeling of nostalgia and yearning to be back in the late 80s when life was much simpler.

For some reason when I listen to the Redskins I think of Flip and get a whiff of that musty smell which was particularly pungent down stairs. Strange really as the only Harrington that I ever owned I purchased from Dee's in the Trongate.  Another essential shop for those involved in youth culture in the 80s but unlike Flip which finally closed in 2007 after having moved from Queen Street, Dee's is still going strong.

Redskins - Reds Strike The Blues


Swiss Adam said...

So true Drew. Cracking post

george said...

Great read Drew. I can remember the Flip shop on my visits to Glasgow. Not sure I bought anything, though. And a great Redskins song.

Charity Chic said...

Nostalgia Drew - it ain't what it used to be.
I remember Flip well but I suspect I wasn't as fashion conscious as you.
Second hand grandad shirts and yellow jeans as I recall!

Scott said...

Great post Drew, brings back many memories of shopping in Flip in the mid to late 80's. I feel, howver, that I may be going through some sort of mid life crisis as I recently bought a Harrington and Monkey Jacket from Dees.

drew said...

Thanks SA

It is a good tune George.

Don't remember yellow jeans CC.

Join the club Scott.

The Swede said...

The London branches, specifically the one near Covent Garden, were regular haunts in the early 1980s. Whenever I was in town for a gig, I'd spend hours in the place first. My problem was the opposite to yours though, at 6'6" it was a rarity to find anything big enough to fit. Happy days, simpler times.