Thursday 20 December 2012

Take Care Of Business

Not got a lot to say today, too much to do.

Here is a right good Pilooski refit of a classic Nina Simone vocal from the 4th album in the Verve remix project. A palate cleanser after all of those sugary Christmas type tunes I am hearing everywhere. They are even piping them down our High Street which would be annoying if I didn't have my headphones on listening to stuff like this.

Nina Simone - Take Care Of Business (Pilooski refit)


Walter said...

Another great song. I've never heared Nina's great voice according to an remix influenced by argentin tango sound.

btw I told you a couple of days ago that I'm not in the mood for lists. But you told, that you search your archive for songs that you found this year again. Maybe I'll do no list but I'll do it in a spezial post.

drew said...

Glad you liked it Walter