Wednesday 5 December 2012

I'm loaded with the cold and feeling sorry for myself. Still my performance review has been completed, don't need to try and get enthusiastic about that for another six months.

One thing that continually amazes me about northern soul music, is the sheer quality of the tracks that in general were largely ignored by the record buying public both here and in the States in the sixties and seventies. Was it due to the sheer volume of music produced that so many brilliant songs never got the airing and therefore were never heard of by the population. Or was it due to the ineptitude of the record pluggers and lack of promotional budgets for a lot of these small labels?

Neither of these situations can surely apply to You're Gonna Love My Baby as it was released on Motown in 1965 and must have had the backing of the label owner as he produced it. But bomb it did.

Barbara McNair - You're Gonna Love My Baby



Probably cause it doesn't sound like Adele?

davyh said...

I, too, have some stinking lurgy and am feeling rotten.

This is lovely, thank you.

davyh said...

Great B&W clip of her singing it on YouTube!

drew said...

Grerat clip Mr H. Hope you are feeling better my misery with the man flu has been compounded with toothache!

Walter said...

I think the main reason is, that Northern Soul featured great vocals. Most of them wasn't supported by the major companies. And second - it wasn't the time for vocals. It was hip to listen to seasonal trends like glam-rock. Most people these days ignored good music.