Friday 28 December 2012

It's The Friday Between Christmas and New Year . . . Let's Dance.

It's quite telling that I'm not as young as I was. Twenty years ago I would be relishing the prospect of a weekend and then the New Year but the idea of partying for that long fills me with dread nowadays. So I think that a quiet weekend may be in store.

But I shall keep on going with the rather tired Friday feature, so here is a rather good piece of funky House courtesy of Pete Heller and Terry Farley first released back in 1995 on AM:PM.

Have a good weekend people

Heller and Farley Project - Ultra Flava


davyh said...

Am definitely feeling Post- today. Calls for a Guinness. Good to hear you've been busy with the Lego.

dickvandyke said...

Top Christmas Tip No 38) .. When going for a middle-ager's pish at 0412 hrs (Central Lanark Time), try not to stand bare-footed upon an errant piece of Lego.
As blasphemy and waking 'er indoors must surely follow.

drew said...

The lego up the foot or stubbing the toe on the strategically placed Dalek while going for middle of the night pish is a permanent problem in this house Dickie.

Glad you enjoyed the forest.