Tuesday 24 April 2012

Kiss My Love Goodbye

A bit of crossover soul from 1974. The kind of thing that when I was in my late teens and early twenties would dismiss as "seventies pish". Bobby the jobbing brickie once offered me a mint copy of this and a handful of other 70s northern singles for a mere twenty quid. Unfortunately I declined to take him up on his offer. Something I have reflected upon and cursed myself for on a few occasions over the years.

Bettye Swann - Kiss My Love Goodbye


davyh said...

As I never tire of saying, Bettye Swann is a terrific, terrific singer and everyone should go and buy the Honest Jon's compilation, at the very least.

I wish Bobby the jobbing brickie had made that offer to me.

Simon said...

A class act, a hugely ignored vocalist by a lot of people. It's thanks to Davy boy up there that I own some Bettye. Love the blogs.