Sunday 6 November 2011

A Plague For The Naive

This post was prompted by the track that Scott over at Spools Paradise uploaded yesterday.

Just Like Fred Astaire is probably my favourite song by James. When I hear it I cannot help but smile it is such a an upbeat optimistic song, the last verse especially.

Meteors may strike the earth
Nations live and die
I'm the boy who got the girl
Who showed me how to fly
We can cross the race divide
Bridge a gap that wasn't really there
I'm gonna hold her in my charm
Just like Fred Astaire

Not a bad way to start a Sunday.

James - Just Like Fred Astaire


Anonymous said...

saw them on friday do this live with a full orchestra and choir

could have been pompous up their arse rubbish .... but it worked

Unknown said...

saw them do the same thing at Glasgow the other week. One of the best things I've ever seen by any band.