Saturday 2 April 2011

DJ L Suggests You Listen To . . . Cults

This is absolutely wonderful, just the right amount of 60s Girl Group/Spector influence. The only thing I would have added is some feedback in the background.

Cults - You Know What I Mean

Link taken down due to DMCA complaint. Look elsewhere for this track as it really is worth a listen.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice vintage receiver/amp there Drew, what is it?


drew said...

It's my lovely vintage Technics 630 cassette deck

dickvandyke said...

Song of the week.


Simon said...

Bless. If I leave it my little one it would be all Eliza Doolittle or Boards Of Canada, sometimes at the same time, around these parts.

davyh said...

Bless! (again!)

Word verif = 'deckesu'

Anonymous said...

Let my one anywhere near records and they'd be broken or chewed, mainly both.

BTW, what's got lost under the record deck? Good excuse to dust under there too while you're about it.

Wordverif: Ta bless

drew said...

Ctel - it is rather dusty under there, that's given me a red neck. It wwas Johnny Snotter (a bogie) who had been put there.

And you are absolutely right not to let the little blighters near the records or equipment, as yesterday evening i went to play the latest Pearson Sound 12" only to find the stylus bent right back, will now have to shell out 25 quid for a new one!

smithsocksimon said...

You can listen on SoundCloud: