Wednesday 30 March 2011


I'm in a right dubstep mood at the moment. What with the Four Tet releases and also the new Burial twelve which Dougie the Postie dropped in this evening and which is truely the canine's gonads it's been a good week for this type of music. If you take into account the Shackleton releases and a few other things it's actually been a belting start of the year.

Here is another great twelve released the other week. Koreless is a seriously talented, if this release is anything to go by nineteen year old, yes nineteen, from Glasgow. It was released by Pictures Music in a limited run of 300. There are only 2 tracks on the twelve and the running time of both is a little short at slightly over seven and a half minutes but here it is quality over quantity. I have opted to post MTI the slightly longer track on the flip side.

Koreless - MTI 


Colin said...

Fucking hell, Drew. This is stunning. And I say this as someone, as you know, who normally rejects anything if it is without twee handclaps and C86 jingle-jangle guitars. WOW.

drew said...

It is rather good isn't it. One of these days you will be wholly converted from limp handclaps and badly played guitars.

Anonymous said...

You're spoiling us this week! Like that a lot, will download that later.

Right, what's next!?


drew said...

Thanks for the comment Andrew, there has been plenty of decent stuff released recently, a lot as limited runs so I don't feel guilty posting them.

Anonymous said...

It's available in the usual paid for places so I don't mind paying £1.50 or whatever for the mp3s if I can get them legitimately....

Thanks for pointing them out though, i don't really know how I'd be aware of this kind of thing otherwise.

And 'dubstep' really isn't usually my thing or so I thought!

Cheers again!