Saturday 19 December 2020

The Tracks of My Year


Ok, so here we are, it's time for the most self indulgent post of the year, the tracks that I believe are the best of the year, you may think differently but of course you are all wrong. 

It would have been easy to have filled this list with at least a dozen tracks that would be peppered with the Guv'nor's magic, to coin a phrase, as this is probably the last year that Andrew Weatherall's music will feature here which is too heart breaking to contemplate, not eagerly awaiting the next change in direction and ordering on spec, /cause it's Weatherall isn't it. Not sure if this is any kind of honour but he is the only artist that has featured in all 11 of these yearly posts.

When I completed the list I was quite surprised that there was nothing By Kungens Man or the 4 albums that I had purchased from those released on the El Paraiso label but when I thought a bit more there were no single tracks that jumped out at me, all were fine albums and worked as that an album, I would put them on and just listen to them. Another thing that struck me is, that for the first time, horror of horrors, downloads have been included and not just a few but 8 in total. I just hope that this is not the shape of things to come but I suspect it will be. 

Even a quick scan and you will realise that there are quite a lot of mixes/edits, yes in this year of all years when it has been impossible to go anywhere to dance I have been buying and listening to loads of dance music.  That along with a lot of ambient and psych is what has kept me relatively sane over the past 12 months. 

I hope you find something here that piques your interest here. 

1. Whyte Horses - Mr Natural 

2. Sault - Wildfires

3. Daniel Avery - Lone Swordsman

4. Little Barrie & Malcolm Catto - After After

5. The Orb - The Weekend It Rained For Ever (The Ravens Have Left The Tower)

6. Night Noise - Guiding Light (On The Horizon Mix)

7. Richard Norris - Music For Healing 6  

8. Glok - Cloud Cover (Andrew Weatherall mix)

9. A.M.O.R - No More (Original mix)

10. Closed Paradise - Tripping On Sunshine 

11. Greg Float - Pointe Venus 

12. Pye Corner Audio - Resist (John Talabot remix)

13. Four Tet - Something In The Sadness

14. Mister Mushi - Hard Lifetime

15.The Grid - Floatation (Paul Woolford Full Length mix) 

16. Charles Webster - The Spell (Vocal mix) 

17. Prince Fatty - Black Rabbit

18. Jorge Smith - Rose Rouge

19. Cult of Free Love - Transcendence 

20. Fever - Honesty

21. Woodleigh Research Facility - Calm Before The Storm 

22. Kit Sebastian - Durma (Baris K dub)

23. Klaus - Mammatus Clouds Over Saskatchewan

24. Marcu Rares - Contratimp

25. Andres Y Xavi - Is It Balearic?

26. The Airborne Toxic Event - Common Touch 

27. The Bongolian - Harlem Hipshake

28. King Creosote - Cath

29. The Long Champs - Men Of Letters

30. Unloved -Why Not (Richard Sen dub)

31. The Night Beats - That All You Got.

32. Tomorrow Syndicate - Living In Simulation

33. The Emanations - Spread A Little Love (Soul Clap Mix/Greg Wilson edit)

34. Fjord Funk - It's All Black (Hardway Bros Meet Monktown Uptown version)

35. X.Y.R. - Black Monk On The Dunes 

36. The Kevin Fingier Collective feat Gerri Granger - Don't Wanna Cry No More

37. Bruce Springsteen - Burnin' Train

38. Night Noise - Dancing In Space - (Hardway Bros Amorphous mix)

39. Valium Aggelein - Here Comes The Black Moon

40. Birds - Transcendental Phase 


Jake Sniper said...

Oooh, over a third of that list I don't know, excellent.

Coke said...

As always My friend your list every year gets me looking at new music. This year is no exception. You have succeeded yet again. Remembering the days when I received your end of year cd mix. ,Which there have been many over time. I look forward to another year of great music. Cheers Amigo .

drew said...

Hope you find some decent stuff Jake.

Coke - I thought about making a cd but I think the running time would take it possible over 2 cds and the other issue is I no longer have any blank cds.

Brian said...

As usual, we only overlap a tiny bit, but that's the fun of it all. Some great listening ahead, I'm sure. Thanks.

Rol said...

Well, I knew one of those (no prizes...) so I can content myself with not being completely out of touch.

Happy Christmas, Drew.