Friday 18 December 2020

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance (In A Socially Distant Manner)

 It's the final Friday prior to Christmas and normally I would be going on about the amateur drinkers and the sheer hell it is working in pubs and clubs on this night but things are a wee bit different this year. I am sure that all hospitality staff would rather be dealing with the worst of the Christmas office night out twat than sitting in the house doing nothing. I really feel for people working in hospitality but have less sympathy for club owners and top chefs moaning about public policy when they have been fleecing punters for years for miniscule portions and wine with a mark up of at least 300%, the money being made certainly wasn't going to the KPs, commis chefs, waiting or bar staff. Anyway, I digress, this post is usually soundtracked with a big, house tune, I'm not sure that Throw by Tee Mango was a big tune as by the time it was released, 2015 my clubbing days were mostly behind me but the tune that it liberally samples was HUGE. 

"Drew, what is going on with the Diamonds?" you may ask and my answer is, I have no idea, the only word that comes to mind is inconsistent. They have lost more than they have won and are in the bottom half off the table after two games that they really should have won or in last week's case at least turned up. This week they are away to league leaders Falkirk and I fully expect a scudding.

Have a good weekend people and stay safe.

Tee Mango - Throw


Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

I used to work in hospitality and yes, Xmas was hell. I was the night manager at a city centre hotel and beginning Dec 1st there was an office christmas party in the function suites. Some of them were really sad. You see there were xmas lunch (between 12-2.30pm) and dinner sessions (7-11pm) which a company could buy a table or two for their staff for their annual office xmas meal. But there were some businesses that had maybe just 8 or 9 employees and they would come in on a Tuesday on Dec 7th or somethin. I saw them sitting very quietly in a half empty room looking very forlornly. "Here's your xmas lunch now get back to work."
I'm glad that these people don't have to suffer that this year. I assume that they still happen other times.
The Xmas dinners were different obviously, they were like fucking misbehaving 5 year olds getting absolutely blattered and smashing everything. Scum.
Anyway, all the best to you Drew !

drew said...

Webbie, I hated working the Friday before Christmas in the pub it certainly brought out the most obnoxious specimens