Wednesday 18 November 2020

Black Rabbit

 I do like a good cover version and this is a belter, a dub version of a psychedelic masterpiece. Prince Fatty's interpretation of Jefferson Airplane's arguably most famous song came out a month or so ago and if you 're quick you may be able to bag a copy of the 7" single here. For me a great cover version is one which doesn't sound forced or contrived and Black Rabbit with a sublime vocal from Shniece McMenamin, if you didn't know better would think has always been a Dub Reggae track. Has Prince Fatty invented a new sub genre Psychedelic Dub? This has got me wondering what other late 60s counte culture sounds would sound great dubbed up. I think that some of the tracks I have featured in the Monday slot from this era would be ripe for this kind of treatment.

Prince Tubby & Shniece - Black Rabbit 


Anonymous said...

Tubby or Fatty? A small difference, but a difference

drew said...

You are of course correct Anon, that will teach me to do these at 06:00