Friday 23 August 2019

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance


Last Sunday on our way through to the Edinburgh Fringe today's track popped up on the iPod which startled me, as it is not a huge favourite and can't remember ripping it, I have a suspicion it may have been for this very feature and then I forgot all about it. It also brought to mind a conversation with Swiss Adam on Twitter and continued in the comments section of the Bagging Area which began due to Andrew Weatherall, not an uncommon occurrence you may be thinking and you are probably right. It was about a mixtape (in the true sense of the word) of a set that Weatherall had done in the backroom of Cream round about 93/94 time and the samples that our favourite DJ used to pepper into his sets and in particular the one that went "to the beat of the drum bang, to the beat of the drum, bang bang".  I am not sure if Patrick Prins is a Weatherall aficionado or had heard others drop this sample into their sets but in 1995 he built a very dancefloor friendly tune around the sample which was first released in Italy on the UMM label.

The Ethics  - To The Beat Of The Drum (La Luna)

Last week I berated the less than illustrious start of the season Airdrie had made and on Saturday it looked like it wasn't going to get much better, conceding a goal in the first minute and looking positively lacklustre all through the first half. I am not sure what Ian Murray said or did to the team at half time but a very different team emerged for the second half  with an equaliser two minutes in by Kurtis Roberts followed by numerous attempts at goal, three of which in the space of seconds all hitting the woodwork. It looked like it was going to be another hard luck story to regale Lynn with when I got home. However with ten minutes to go Dale Carrick put the home team ahead but could we see it out was what was on everybody's mind and a nail biting final 10 minutes seemed to crawl by and then in the 92 minute Calum Gallagher put the game to bed with what can only be described as a wonder goal, a beautifully placed overhead kick. If I see a better goal this season I will be very lucky.

So tomorrow it's away to East Fife, so let's hope Airdrie can keep up the winning ways. What's that feeling, pure foolish optimism the curse of all "diddy team" supporters. Brian may yet be right.

Have a good weekend people


FurryBootsCityBoy said...

Blinder of a goal - well done Calum Gallagher! I hope BBC Shortbread have shown it.

Swiss Adam said...


Good luck to the Diamonds.