Thursday 11 January 2018


The above picture was pinned to the following tweet last week from @paulwhitelaw -

"The other day I decided to save on the subway fare by walking from Govan to Partick via the Clyde Tunnel. A tense terrifying, lonely half hour. I felt Like I was trapped in a claustrophobic Cold War nightmare. NEVER AGAIN."

I have contemplated this journey under the river Clyde on a couple of occasions but have bottled out both times, which I now think was a wise move as it looks like an incredibly eerie place. This song and especially this remix, proper scary stuff, sprang straight to mind.

John Foxx - Underpass (Dark, Long and Sinister mix)


Anonymous said...

(The link isn't active there Drew, but the video is on YT )

Swiss Adam said...

I saw this on Twitter last week. Interesting. I'd be half tempted to walk it.

drew said...

Good video Swede. I always found Foxx a menacing figure.

The comment from the guy who was cycling through when the power failed, (apparently not as uncommon as you would hope) scared the shit out of me.

Brian said...

I just looked at Govan and Patrick on the Glasgow subway map. That looks like it would be a very long tense walk by tunnel.

Echorich said...

Imagine having this 10+ minutes of dark brilliance in your head on repeat to get you from one end to the other...I'm up for it!!
This Mark Reeder remix is among my favorite of the millennium. It sits firmly in playlist of 100 EPIC MIXES.

Rol said...

After reading this post earlier in the week, I had a dream I was walking through a long, dimly lit tunnel under a river.

Thanks for that!

drew said...

Sorry Rol but if it’s any consolation I had a similar dream/nightmare.