Wednesday 24 January 2018

More Hippy Shit

I know that very few of you will thank me for this post but as Billy says "you've got to take the crunchy with the smooth".

I spent a very pleasant evening listening to Pink Floyd songs the other evening. I was surprised to learn that I have 167 tracks by the band. As you know I am quite fond of a long meandering tune and during their early phase the Floyd were quite partial to producing + 10 minute epics and on a couple of albums, Atom Heart Mother and Meddle one side consisted of a single track. Echoes in it's original form on Meddle lasts for 23 minutes there is however an even better live version which goes on for a further four minutes and was recorded in the Paris Theatre, London on the 30th September 1971 for the BBC. I would be surprised if this had been broadcast in  its entirety at the time but if I am wrong then huge respect for the BBC. I don't think that it would be aired today. It comes from a rather splendid 4 cd Japanese Bootleg "Pink Floyd BBC Archives 1970 & 1971". The voice introducing the track maybe familiar to some of you. If the Floyd got his approval then they certainly get mine. Although some smart arse will point out "that he did like some pish an all". All part of lifes rich tapestry.

Pink Floyd - Echoes (Live at the BBC)


The Swede said...

Good on ya Drew. This is bloody marvellous.

Anonymous said...

Fucking hippies.

Nathanael Holt said...

First the Japanese CD that featured Spiritualised's instrumental of Brokenhearted (that was you?) and now this - a mini series perhaps?
Thanks, as ever.

drew said...

It will be a mini series Nathanael but I do have a handful of other Japanese only releases.

Is that you JC?

The Swede - there is also a 20 + mins version of Atom Heart Mother.

Anonymous said...

Swc here. I'm hearing rumours that Mark E Smith has died. Any truth in it?

drew said...

Sadly, it is SWC. I'm a wee bit shell shocked. Edinburgh Man going through my head, strangely.

JC said...

Just to say that it wasn’t me Drew....but I’ve a feeling I know who it was!

Hope you’re feeling ok today.