Monday 9 October 2017

Make A Change

That's what half the nation were wishing Gordon Strachan had done earlier last night. Alas yet again Scotland failed to secure a place in another World Cup. I vaguely remember the 1974 World Cup but I do remember Ally's Army in 1978 vividly when a collective stupor came over the whole nation and we genuinely thought that we could go to Argentina and win. I was nine and it was great until we did a "Scotland" and went home at the group stages. Fun while it lasted. Max will be fourteen next month and has never seen his nation qualify for anything, France 1998 being our last foray. I fear that he may reach his twenties and still not see it happen.

Still, it was good of Strachan and the boys to deliberately not go through as a protest to Russia's Human Rights record.

I know nothing about Johnny Rodgers, other than he released this rather beautiful piece of soul on the Detroit label Amon in 1965. This was a huge play at Top of The World All niters in Stafford when Pat Brady spun the tune but covered it up as Make A Change by The Chandlers, devious folk those northern djs!

Johnny Rodgers with the Nu Tones - Make A Change


JTFL said...

What an excelleni song!

Brian said...

Terrific, Drew. Hearing a little Jackie Wilson in there somewhere.

Sport is all about disappointment with an unforgettable winning moment every once in in a long while. You may be old and grey, but it'll happen for Scotland eventually. Take it from a Cubs fan.

Unknown said...

I thought McArthur was a waste of space in the Slovakia and Slovenia games. Matt Phillips faded out in both games although Darren Fletcher was outstanding and gave his all. McArthur was slow and gave the ball away time and again. His looping header for Griffiths opener was more luck than skill and Griffiths great finish was what gave us hope. When we resorted to bringing on Steven Fletcher, I realised our dream was over for another few years. Being older, I've seen Scotland qualify for World Cups, even when England failed and - like the London media do with the English team - the Scottish media gets us all in a lather about our team's prospects. That said, I hope Max manages to see Scotland qualify for the Euros or the World Cup before he's too much older.

drew said...

It is good guys isn't it. If,you,ever see a copy on your digging, don't hesitate it's pretty rare.

Gram - very good analysis and I hope so too. Too many of our country have never had that feeling, like 1998, Paris and Brazil in the opening game.