Wednesday, 4 May 2016

There's Epic And There's EPIC

Sister Ray in it's original recorded form took up most of side two of White Light/White Heat, the Velvet Underground's second album and clocked in at 17.27. When played live it was sometimes shortened to just over ten minutes but most of time it was extended beyond twenty minutes and on a couple of  occasions caught on tape way beyond thirty minutes. The version posted today comes from Complete Matrix Tapes and is of excellent quality and is definitely essential.

I'm in Luton today and tomorrow so nothing more until Saturday but this should keep you going.


Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (Live San Francisco November1969)


Swiss Adam said...

Mind duly blown by this- again

The Swede said...

Pretty staggering stuff.

Brian said...

Wow! I mean, wow!!

Complete Matrix Tapes has come down in price quite a bit. You've made it very tempting.

drew said...

It is well worth investing in lads

JC said...

Very generous of you.

I've said before I was stupidly late to VU. Sister Ray I only first really appreciated thanks to Joy Division and then New Order doing a cover of it. I can listen to this version from door of the house to door of the office in the morning....assuming ScotRail don't fuck up the connection at Central.

Cheers Drew