Thursday 29 January 2015

Songs for Chile

I had forgotten all about Drugstore until El President came up on the mp3 player last week. The song was a tribute to the Chilean President Salvador Allende who was deposed in a coup in 1973. As I was listening to El President I began to think of another song written about Chile and the crimes of the brutal bastard and personal friend, let us not forget, of Margeret Thatcher, Augusto Pinochet who took over the country. I love Dick Gaughan's version of Victor Jara of Chile.

Drugstore - El President

Dick Gaughan - Victor Jara Of Chile 


Scott said...

Great song Drew,hadn't thought about Drugstore for many a year. I remember seeing them supporting The Mary Chain at The Arches once upon a long time ago...

Charity Chic said...

I seem to remember Jack Straw placing that old Fascist Pinochet under house arrest and then allowing him to return to Chile on "medical grounds" rather that trying him for his crimes