Monday 27 October 2014

Packing Up

Today's slice of quality northern soul is probably the second shortest 7" single that I own clocking in at 01:45 it is still a full 43 seconds longer than the debut by The Amazing Snakeheads. What this single lacks in length it more than makes up for in style. The tempo is frantic so the duration is probably fortuitous for the least fit on the dance floor.

Packing Up is, as far as I can ascertain the only single released by Damon Fox, it's  on the Fairmont label and was released in 1966. The single in its original form is extremely rare and commands a price of seven grand, it's good but no where near that special. My copy is the Outta Sight repress from 2012.


Damon Fox - Packing Up.


Anonymous said...

Nice one, Drew - it's new to me!

drew said...

Thanks, it is rather good but not worth the price tag for the original