Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Spit On A Stranger

Here's Stephen Malkmus in one of his more melodic moments. This was the second single from the band's final album released in 1999. Kathryn Williams does a rather lovely version of this on her brilliant covers project Relations.

It's quite funny for someone who liked Pavement and bought most things that they released. I have never felt the urge to buy any of Malkmus' stuff since, even although what I have heard I have quite liked.

Pavement - Spit On A Stranger 


Erik Bartlam said...

I think Pavement was one of the few great bands but I really struggled with those last two albums. I've come back around a little with terror twilight but still can't listen to brighten the corners.

I bought the first malkmus album (I sold it on ebay ten years later for a shocking 90 bucks...I had no idea) and we saw him in the jicks in New Orleans but...I haven't been able to really get in to what he's doing. Baby Come On was the last song he wrote that has stuck for me.

I love the opening to this one.

Swiss Adam said...

You just reminded me of Kathryn Williams' cover of Candy Says which is ace. And I can't find it anywhere at the moment- I had it on a free comp cd and can't find it and weirdly it doesn't seem to be anywhere on the net either- at least not free.