Friday 7 February 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I have been listening to a lot of  early nineties stuff recently, then both dance music and I were in our prime. It has mostly been stuff on Sabres Of Paradise, Guerilla, Hard Hands and especially Soma Quality Recordings, probably the finest label to come out of Glasgow. I know that some people will rubbish that and try to tell you that it is Postcard that that accolade belongs to but for quality and longevity it has to be the label that started off in Otago Street in the West End of the city.

Seduced was the label's third release and was a collaboration by the members of Slam and Rejuvination who were also four of the five founding members of the label. A classic example of progressive house a genre that Soma and two other Glasgow labels of the time Limbo/23 Precinct and Bomba did a great deal to popularise.

Have a good weekend people. I will mostly be emptying the dining room of all the records and cd's in order to paint the room. Deep joy!

G-7 - Seduced


Anonymous said...

Yup. I'm with you on Soma vs Postcard. Reclaim Scotland for dance music.

dickvandyke said...

Good luck with the silky sheen 'Tobagan Sunrise'. Will look great against the Fitba Team photo 13/14. Pass the turps.

Am gonna pinch 24 hrs tomorrow on the Yorkshire east coast and watch the grey waves, drink beer and eat fresh fish n chips.

Love to all

Charity Chic said...

Could be worse Drew - you could be on a "work residential" a la Swiss Adam!