Monday 24 February 2014

Soul Time, Again

I'm not sure how I got into posting a bit of soul on a Monday but it has become a bit of habit which is increasingly hard to break to paraphrase a pish 70s soft rock group. I can't think of a better way to start the week than with a little bit of soul.

Today's track comes from an artist who began her professional career at the age of two when she and her six siblings formed a gospel group and she hasn't stopped since, not only as an artist but a  talent spotter when still in her teens, producer, label owner and mentor too. She released her first album when she was still only fourteen and her first gold disc with the single "Clean Up Woman" when she was seventeen! She is still going strong and has just released her eighteenth album.

Today's track comes from 1972 and was released on the Alston label distributed by Atlantic at that time.

Betty Wright - If You Love Me Like You Say You Love Me


Simon said...

Was listening to Betty's brother Milton on Sunday, he of The Gallop and I Belong To You fame. Oh and the Spaced album, great album that one.

george said...

Yesterday's Allo Darlin and today's Betty Wright, two cracking tunes Drew. It's been chucking it down, just when out on the bike. Stopped now.

dickvandyke said...

Yes drew.
Inspiring stuff for the uninspired.

Am recovering from 24 hrs in London. Eng v Ireland at Twickers and all that means. The 3 Irish boys from a West Cork backwater had never seen owt like it.
Spending 24 hrs with 8 other blokes is what it is. We drink, watch sport, drink some more, eat crap, and talk bollox. (The most enlightening time was when I amazed them with my penchant for completley useless pop trivia) Never once was I asked anything personal about me and how I'm getting on.
Y'see, emotional in-depth stuff for a bloke is akin to that trip to Ikea: A big functional shed full of stuff that's hard to carry and put together - and a place where you have no desire to loiter.

drew said...

Sounds like a heavy weekend Dickie! Rugby another sport my nation is shit at.

Thanks George

Not heard too much by apart from I Belong To You, Si.

Charity Chic said...

Soul Monday Drew keep it going -it makes that shitty return to work a wee bit more bearable

Darcy said...

From the "I Love The Way You Love" album, one of the first soul albums I bought and still a favourite. Betty should be in everyones top five female singers.

On one of the myriad of stations I can listen to no on my Sonos I heard a track from another of Betty's brothers - Philip - the other day, called "Keep Her Happy" a great tune I will never liekly own as it's one of those popsike staples it seems.