Tuesday 10 December 2013


There have been numerous versions of the Van Morrison penned track but for me only three of them make the grade, the original, of course and the versions by Shadow of The Night and Patti Smith.

At the moment my favourite version is Patti Smith's rendition included on her 1975 debut Horses and produced by John Cale.

Patti Smith - Gloria


John Medd said...

Wot, no Eddie & The Hot Rods? Live at The Marquee wouldn't have been, well, live without G-L-O-R-I-A.

Simon said...

Oh I bloody love Patti's version. Love Patti too. Those lists of top bands/singers etc she's there. The first album and Easter, and the track that's in Times Square 'Pissing In The River' were huge huge tunes for me and my best mate when we were about 15. Put on some reggae or some Northern and I start to move, can't help it. But there's very little guitar music that does the same. Patti and The Clash, maybe the Small Faces are pretty much it, and this track, that intro, the way it gets faster and faster. Sexy as too. Best opening line in a song ever as well. Just lots.

Anonymous said...

Still brings a shiver to the spine after all these years. A classic intepretation.