Saturday 28 December 2013

A Box Set Too Far? Well . . , Not Really

A couple of months ago I posted that the Jesus and Mary Chain Box Set was one too far and I couldn't justify the price. Well I eventually thought of a way round that little obstacle, I could justify half of it and if Santa weighed in for the other half we would be sorted. The fat man in the red and white suit duly agreed and now I am the proud owner of # 237/1500.

The album of b sides and rarities compiled from fans votes had one glaring omission for me, the 12" version of Sidewalking which I was sure would be a stick on.

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Sidewalking (extended)


Swiss Adam said...

Cracking 12" version. Love this.

george said...

Love the logic. And the song

Jimmy said...

And the man in the red suit is!!!
The logic is very you Drew if it wasnt vinyl would have joined you.


drew said...

Jimmy, L when the subject was first breached L asked how many bloody Jesus and the Mary Chain compilations do you need?
Bit of a stupid question, I thought.

Jimmy said...

The answer is at least I don't have any Freeheat!!

All the best when it comes.