Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New Blog On The Block

Long time commenter and series suggester George has decided to throw his stookie into the ring while incapacitated and have a go at the blogging business.

Check it out here


acidted said...

Stookie? A plaster cast?

BTE, welcome George


drew said...

You got it Ctel

gaforsyth said...

Drew, my stookie has been removed. I now have a big plastic boot to help me walk. I still have my crutches, though. Thanks for the advert, much appreciated.

Luca said...

Everyone loves your blog post.. excellent colors & concept. Performed you actually design and style this amazing site oneself.. oops, a little bit carried away.
But I do like the choice of colour.

And another thing I cannot resist saying:
(to the tune of Limp Bizkit) George, you did it all for the stookie?


gaforsyth said...

Luca, I don't get that.

Luca said...

I'm really sorry, George. Bad pun on words from a Limp Bizkit song. Please excuse me. Sometimes I try to be funny, sometimes I fall flat on my arse.
It's a risk I usually take but at least I hope you didn't felt offended.
Still mates?

drew said...

George, some spammer has been leaving the poorly worded comment at the start of Luca's comment all over the shop recently. I think that he just didn't want you to be left out.

gaforsyth said...

No Drew, I think you and Luca misunderstand. He referred to Limp Bizkit. I just didn't get it, not being familiar with them That's all. No offence, it's just me being a bit thick I think!

Walter said...

Good to have you in the community George

Scott said...

Welcome to the blogging business George