Monday 7 October 2013

A Fortunate Mistake

See me, I fucking love serendipity so's I do.

A few months ago I heard this song with the refrain la la la la la, pretty basic lyrics you'll agree but the song stopped me in my tracks it was the kind of tune that would have been big with the three button suit and feather cut brigade. I managed to find out it was by a group called the Blendelles and left it at that. But as the weeks progressed I could not get this song out of my head and so I decided to pay MusicStack a visit and see if there was a reasonably priced copy of the single available in the UK as it wasn't good enough to warrant the exorbitant prices of postage from the USA these days.  I was in luck there was a Ex copy of the record in the price bracket that I could afford and so the disc was duly ordered.

About the middle of the following week the record arrived and I carefully put it on the turntable. As it started I thought to myself that's not how I remember this started and after about thirty seconds I realised that this wasn't the tune I had heard, it was totally different and on first listen a whole lot groovier.

I was still rather confused as I had the name of the band right, The Blendelles, surely they couldn't have written two songs with La, La in the title? So I was Google bound to solve the mystery.

Of course there were The Blendells and The Blendelles, how stupid of me! One sang a song titled La La La La La and the other a ditty called La, La The Magic Song, the one I now possessed.

So now I had a new,  very good upbeat soul single for my collection but I still had the other tune in my head so it was back to the internet to procure a copy of the original earworm, which arrived earlier this week. In the meantime I have taken the other track to my heart, it's pure optimistic message has gotten the better of me.

See, ain't serendipity magic?

The Blendelles - La, La The Magic Song

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