Friday 4 October 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I'm going to stay with Lord Sabre this week but. I know that probably everything that he has had his mits near or smoked a cigar over will have popped up either here, Swiss Adam's, Ctel's or the gone but not forgotten blogs of Moggie Boy and Stx.

Today's remix comes from around the time that Weatherall's name became synonymous with excellent remixes. It would be a slight understatement to say that 1990 was a pretty good year for remixes from the man from the likes of St Etienne, My Bloody Valentine and James to name but three absolute belters.

I know absolutely nothing about Sly and Love Child, don't even know what the original of this track sounds like, there is another mix on the other side but frankly in the twenty three years I have owned this record I don't think that I have ever been curious enough to flip it over and play it. If I have it could not have been very memorable. The Weatherall mix on the other hand is magic, a moody builder of a track, more vocals than usual. Just right for a Friday afternoon or evening or any other time for that matter.

It's Weatherall, it's from 1990, what else do you really need to know?

Have a good weekend people.

Sly & Lovechild - The World According To Sly & Lovechild (Soul Of Europe mix)


Jimmy said...

like the friday disco pictures presume its a specialist web page Drew!

drew said...

there are not enough specialist web pages concerned with dodgy discos, Jimmy.

Swiss Adam said...

More's the pity.