Friday 5 April 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Just back from the capital and guess what, the trams still aren't running. With all the upheaval at the bottom of Lothian Rd and the end of Princess Street, I am so glad that I no longer have to do that commute. If I ever get all dewy eyed about the city with the castle I just remember the problems trying to get out of it and one on a Friday afternoon, the rage, frustration and the weekly near nervous breakdown. Thank fuck all that shit is well in the past.

Not the cheapest of city's but we had a very good couple of days, must have walked for miles.

You have to salute the antiquated Scottish licensing laws. On Wednesday we were walking up the Grassmarket, L fancied a drink, me a coffee and the kids something full of sugar to keep them hyper. As it was a lovely day we decided to by all European, well according to old fish face we all are anyway, so we sat outside and I went in for the drinks. I ordered beer, two J2Os and a coffee after opening the bottles and pouring the beer the barman said, " are any of these for children?"

"the J2O's" I replied.

"not unless they are eating" was his smart arsed retort"

to which I pointed out that unless the next order was exactly the same as mine he had needlessly poured three drinks and bid my farewell.

See Scotland, See Cafe Culture, only if you can find a bona fide cafe.

Anyway,  today's track comes courtesy of Richard D James and is probably his most danceable, dance track.

Quoth comes from the Polygon Window albun, Surfing the Sine Waves. the 12" single was released in 1993 on lovely clear vinyl.

It i said that the sounds that make up the track are all from recordings that James made on the London Underground and if you concentrate on the track it does sound vaguely like steel clattering along and echoing in a tunnel.

Have a good weekend people.

Polygon Window - Quoth


e.f. bartlam said...

Liquor laws are by state and county gets wacky. In Mississippi liquor stores cant sell beer or cigarettes. So all the beer is in grocery stores and curb stores. We still have dry counties. Of course, there's plenty of moonshine to go around.

Best I've ever had was in Aberdeen by the way...Aberdeen, Mississippi.

dickvandyke said...

Great stuff
I knew you wouldna let me down.

Good weekend to the 4 of you.