Friday 18 January 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

As my friends will testify, I'm fond of a good bit of acid and today's track is a very good bit if acid.

Acid Bass by Spanky was originally released on Acid Trax 3 on the Trax label in 1989. The edit posted comes from a great compilation released in in 2010 called Trax re-edited where some top djs and producers re-edited spome of the many highlights from the Trax back catalogue.

On the sleeve notes for the re-edit of Acid Bass Neville Watson describes perfectly the times, the original track and the reason behind his edit.

"Sitting in my friend Sid's car at a party on Ditching Beacon in Brighton, doing that thing where there's a perfectly good time to be had in a field right next to you but for some reason it seems much more fun sitting in the car listening to tunes and blissing out. Through the chemical fog, tough, reverberating 808 drums came thumping from the car stereo, carving their way through the previous track like a logging firm in a rainforest. Then the acid. Proper acid. Mean. The sort of acid that makes you screw up your faceand nod your head involuntarily. The sort of 303 line that feels like it's twisting your insides out through the top of your head. The sort of music that creates a feeling so strong in you that you can't quite believe it was made with two pieces- three tops-of equipment.
And then it was gone as quickly as it came. I turned to Sid "What the fuck was that?"
"Spanky, Acid Bass, on Trax," sid replies.
"Why did you mix it out of it so quickly? It was just getting going!"
"I had to, it's only three minutes long."
If ever a track needed an edit."

Have a good weekend people

Spanky - Acid Bass


anto said...

I heard this last night and wished I blogged so if you don't mind drew I'll piggyback. I would assume you and Adam have heard it? Anyway, it sort of fits ..more late '92 but anyway.

davyh said...

My head hurts

drew said...

No likey Mr H?

davyh said...

I think perhaps you had to be there.