Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Boy Wonder Returns Again

I'm off to see the Boy Wonder again tonight and I'm awffy excited at the prospect. Last October's outing with the band was my gigging highlight of the year and I realise that due to the venue, Paisley Abbey it's going to be a solo affair tonight but I have never been to a Roddy Frame gig that failed to live up to expectations.

Here is a beautiful track from the much overlooked and underrated Frestonia album which most definitely won't get played tonight but which is still a great song. It's an embarrassment of riches, Roddy Frame's back catalogue and must make it difficult to choose a set to play.

Aztec Camera - The Rainy Season


Simon said...

Lucky bugger. I love Frestonia, it's a much more focussed album than a lot of the others, it has a more uniform sound across it. Stray covers a lot more variety of style, which is possibly Roddy's problem during the later 'aztec' years. I love the solo albums too, although he sounds a bit monotone vocally at times. I want him to belt out the vocals a bit more.

davyh said...

That'll be a cracking night I am sure: enjoy.

Walter said...

You are lucky to watch the gig. I am a little bit jealous that I can't watch these band live in southern Germany.

Enjoy the evening

Jen said...

I had 2 tickets for this gig and had to give them to a friend because I couldn't make it.

To say I'm bummed about it would be the understatement of the year.

She said he played Spanish Horses - which I can only assume sounded phenomenal in the abbey.

Hoping to find clips on youtube over the coming weeks. One has been posted so far.

I'll have to experience it this way...sigh.

Hope you had a great night. A very special event, for sure.

drew said...

I would have been really pissed of to have missed Saturday as well Jen. He did play Spanish Horses which I have only heard live once before and sorry to rub salt in the wound but it was wonderful.

The gig was good but a rather staid affair not the usual sing along to the old favourites as at other venues. It was a great night but I still think the last outing at the ABC was better.

At the end of the gig he said that he was going to be in the foyer and for people to say hello but I kept to my maxim of never meet your heroes and went home.