Friday 21 September 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Back to a release on what for me is the most consistent and upfront dance label over the past twenty years. The fact that the label is run from Glasgow has no bearing on my opinion but it does fill me with some pride that some of the best but certainly not commercially most successful Techno records have been produced and distributed from the west of Scotland.

It may be a surprise to some that Daft Punk's first single was released on Soma Quality Recordings as the duo hail from France. According to sources while attending a Rave at EuroDisney in 1993 Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo met Stuart McMillan, one half of Slam and co-owner of Soma and handed him a demo tape which would subsequently be released as Soma-14 entitled The New Wave.

Since then Daft Punk moved onto bigger and brighter things. Their second single Da Funk brought them to the attention of  a larger audience and a successful career has followed with then recently scoring the music for the remake of Tron released on Walt Disney Records.

I still think that this is the best thing they have done.

Have a good weekend people.

Daft Punk - Alive

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dickvandyke said...

Even my cloth lugs can appreciate that one.

Get yer feet up mate and have a good one.