Friday 28 September 2012

Frank Wilson RIP

I had had a shitty week before I discovered that Frank Wilson had died.

I cannot agree with Mr H that he was unjustly less known as a producer and writer than the singer on the most expensive not just Northern Soul record but 7 inch ever. Outside of northern circles if people had heard of him at all it would have been  as one of the best producers in soul music. In fact I'm sure that I read somewhere that he was actively discouraged by Gordy to pursue a singing career as the Motown boss valued his talents as a producer so much.

Anyway, we have lost another soul legend. I used to worry that the fact that over the past few years  Do I Love You had been diminished by being on nearly every cheap northern soul compilation and being used by a fast food company but when you see the grins appear on the faces of a dancefloor as soon as the opening bars come over the PA, you realise that you would have to hear it on a loop for a very long time for a song as joyous as it is to sound in the slightest bit mundane. Not a bad thing to be remembered for and a hell of a lot more than most of us will be. But then you have all of those wonderful production and writing credits for Motown into the bargain.

Tonight I will raise a glass to Mr Wilson then just possibly put on my reproduction copy of Do I Love You (Indeed I Do),  succumb to that glorious sound,  have a wee shimy around the dinning room and shed a tear for someone who should have been a legend.

Frank Wilson - Do I Love You


davyh said...

*clinks glass in tribute*

davyh said...

PS: Have you read this?

I must.

Someone Said said...

He left an impressive amount of work and was not top tier of Motown.

Swiss Adam said...

Cheers from me too. I knew you & Mr H would cover this better than I could. And Do I Love You is indeed a great record

anto said...

this was the song at our wedding played directly after we had the ol slow dance (fire in my heart by the Furries). the crowd went apeshit. i was in awe at the power of the tune.

George said...

Sorry you had a shitty week. But it IS friday rockabilly night!