Monday 13 June 2011

I'm Not Satisfied.

At the weekend I managed to get a hold of the latest Originals release, The Winstons Amen Brother and Mantronix King of The Beats on the flip side.

The Winstons track has been sampled on a whole host of tracks and the drum break about a minute and a half in has been used in hip-hop, through Rave to Drum and Bass. The track was also used to great effect in one of the best Essential Mixes every by Portishead back in 1995 sandwitched between Spreadin' Honey and The Theme from 1999.

It was also used on the New York Rap remix of I'm Not Satisfied, mixed by Prince Paul and featuring a rap by N. Bowie but I have no idea who that is.

FYC - I'm Not Satisfied (New York Rap version)

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ally. said...

high quality. loved this tune when it came out and adored the fycers ditching that bloody singer. ta for the reminder dearie