Monday 20 June 2011

Covers Week

I know, I know lazy blogging featuring cover versions but I do like a good re-interpretation of a song, even if all it means is a different vocal and the rest of the track virtually sounds the same. As long as it is done well then it's alright by me although there are some rules, well one.

Rule number one: Do not cover classic soul tunes by the likes of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Martha Reeves etc. Got that Michael Fucking Bolton, Phil Twat Collins and others of your ilk. If it is perfect don't bother.

I am aware that lots of soul singers such as Otis covered the likes of Sam Cooke and nearly everybody in the Motown stable did versions of the same song but that is allowed, not some arse of a drummer from a prog rock band or a twat with a ludicrous mullet trying to do Dock Of The Bay and don't get me started about the twat who sends his hat first class on aeroplanes and his band doing People Get Ready.

I realise the hypocrisy of the previous paragraph and that I have less than no authority to decide who is allowed to cover which songs, however it is my ball, sorry blog and I'll do what I like.

First up is a cover of a Springsteen song by a band who I have seen live incorporate this song and also, Folsom Prison Blues into one of their own tunes to great effect on more than one occasion. Come to think of it, it would be probably be possible to fill a whole month of posts with covers of Springsteen songs.

At the last count I had nine versions of I'm On Fire by other bands and I think that this is up there with the Catherine Feeny version as the best. To be honest I'm not that into Springsteen's version from Born In The USA but live it is the business.

A couple of years ago a load of indie bands got together and recorded Springsteen songs for a compilation called Play Some Pool, Skip Some School to varying degrees of success, the cover of My Hometown is one of the rankest things I've ever heard. I also have a full cd of covers called Play Some Pool by The Wave Pictures which came free with their split single with Darren Hyman released in conjunction with Play Some Pool, Skip Some School.

Airborne Toxic Event - I'm On Fire

Nothing tomorrow, as I'm in Manchester overnight and didn't have time to do two posts on Sunday night.


Steve Benton said...

I tend to agree with your rule on covers. I like ATE & I like this particular Springsteen song but this version is er...dreadful! Thanks anyway.

Swiss Adam said...

Have fun in our sunny city.

George said...

Splendid rant re. the rules of covering a song.Not many would disagree. Although there's nothing wrong with being in a prog. band per se. And Otis Redding's cover version of A Change is Gonna Come isn't very good. Looking forward to the postings. Can I request nothing involving The Clash please?

davyh said...

'Nothing wrong with being in a prog. band per se' - shome mishtake shurely?

drew said...

I'm not getting into a debate about prog, not my cup of tea but am partial to a bit of post Sid pre Roger Waters leaving Floyd.

SA - Wythenshawe and the Crown Plaza were fine until that down pour about half one/two pm today. Looks as though I will be down for at least a couple of days twice a month.

Dirk said...

The Electrelane version of 'I'm On Fire' is pretty neat as well: do you know it? If not, I'll send it to you, if you like ...

drew said...

I don't Dirk, that would be great trying to imagine what it will sound like