Thursday 23 June 2011

Covers Week, Day 4

I don't know that much about Mechanical Bride, apart from her name is Lauren Doss and she has a knack of producing great cover versions. I have posted before her cover of Rihanna's brilliant Umbrella which she released in 2007, To be honest with you after buying that single I didn't investigate any further and kind of forgot about her until earlier this year I heard her version of Sound And Vision which is just as good as her version of Umbrella.

Mechanical Bride - Sound And Vision

Oh and if you didn't catch it last time here is Umbrella.

Mechanical Bride - Umbrella

1 comment:

dickvandyke said...

Thanks for that Drew old lad. I can't have been paying attention at the back of the class when you last featured this girl.

She's quite an ethereal brolly dolly, and the brass on Sound n Vision is almost Brighouse and Rastrick.

Refreshingly frisky, she sprinkles lemon on my pancake.